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Kentucky Football: Believe!

I have been trying to digest this big win, compose a post, and read the news all at the same time, all with a bit of a hangover from the game last night.  Multitasking isn't really my strong point at the best of times, so please forgive any misspellings or non-sequiturs that spew forth, at least until the afternoon.  As usual, do feel free to point any errors out so they don't have to live forever in the annals of blogdom.

What a game, what a game.  My wife and I were cheering and cursing and just loving it.  We finally got around to dinner at about 9:30, and I had trouble sleeping last night for thinking about it.  This game had much of the excitement of the 1992 Duke-UK basketball game, only with a better result.  Kentucky football is truly enjoying a resurgence in the Bluegrass, and fan passion for the game is surging.

As a result, we must now accept that a lot of people are "band wagon" fans when it comes to football.  The long-time football fans who have suffered through years and years of futility, but watched or listened to every game, are the ones to whom I want to give props this morning.  I have no real qualifications as a long time fan, because my football interest over the last 10 years or so has best been described as casual.  So a shout out to all the long-suffering gridiron fans who haven't missed a game, even in the dark years.  You guys are directly responsible for our success, and I know you are thinking it was worth every minute of it this morning.

Well, I can honestly say I haven't been so happy to be wrong in quite some time.  Kentucky showed me that they are the real thing, the genuine article, a team for whom the slogan "Believe!" is absolutely apt.  Very few people were giving Kentucky a chance to actually win this game, although many people thought we would beat the spread, which was only 9.5 points.

But one guy who did pick the Cats to win was Kyle King of Dawg Sports, and I would be totally remiss if I didn't point that out.  Be sure to go over and read what Kyle said if you haven't so far.  Here is a taste:

Hey . . . you know what just occurred to me? After pulling off that huge win over the Gators ten years ago, Louisiana State turned right around and lost to Mississippi the next week. Hang on a minute . . . seven days after that Halloween classic in '59, L.S.U. went on the road and lost to Tennessee in Knoxville, thereby snapping a 19-game winning streak. You don't suppose that the Wildcats are feeling disrespected and angry after their nationally-televised loss to South Carolina? . . . or that, after nine days' rest, they might be a little fresher and more focused than a top-ranked Tiger team that has spent the week celebrating, being told how great it is, and making plans for the national championship game? . . . or that Kentucky might still be smarting from L.S.U.'s last visit to the Commonwealth in 2002, when the visitors pulled off a little thing called "The Bluegrass Miracle"?

I'm picturing Kyle pointing to left field with his bat, flashing a smile, and calling that shot before he sent it soaring over the fence.  And to top it all off, he has a picture of William Windom, the actor who played Commodore Decker in one of the best Star Trek:  TOS episodes ever, "The Doomsday Machine", among many other more notable roles.  Kyle ties that picture in to the Auburn/Arkansas game, but it's just as apt for Kentucky/LSU.  LSU looked for all the world like the "planet killer" robot of the episode coming into the game, and Kentucky playing the role of the good guys.  Yeah, I know -- sappy, but hey, it's a big victory.  Have fun with it.

I think now, I'll take a quick spin around the blogosphere and see what some of the Kentucky bloggers are saying about this huge win.  Hmm, let's see ... Vic at Go Big Blue Cats is a true-blue hoops fan.  He posts about Big Blue Madness, but adds a line of congrats to the football team. 

Lyndsey Cornell, not really a sports blogger but apparently a UK fan, has a great description of her excitement with the victory.  Lexington Herald-Leader columnist John Clay has his usual live blog on Sidelines, along with lots of observations from being there.  Things Kentucky takes a matter-of-fact approach to the game, while Matt Jones thinks that this was the "Best ... weekend ... ever."  By the way, congratulations to Matt for passing his bar exam.  Look out, "Heavy Hitter!" (Note -- those not used to seeing Isaacs' commercials in Louisville might not get this reference).  BlueSteel at the Wildcat Fan Report asks "L.S. Who?

So there we have it -- there is lots of joy in Mudville, because the Mighty Casey hit this one out of the park.  I'll be back later with a dissection of the statistics.

Wow.  ASoB gets linked on Deadspin.  Very cool.  Hat tip -- Mr Bentley