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LSU at Kentucky: Official ASoB Open Game Thread

This is the official open thread for the LSU at Kentucky game, and what a big one it is.  This is a chance for the Wildcats to jump back into the SEC East picture, and wow both the national media and our long-suffering football fans.

Keys to the game:

Here are my keys to the game today:

  1.  Take care of the football -- LSU is tough enough without surrendering possessions to them, and we have had fumblitis lately.
  2.  Run the ball effectively -- If we don't run the football, the LSU defense will send André Woodson to the hostpital.
  3.  Protect our quarterback -- See 2 above.  But we must protect Woodson to have a chance to win.  Six or seven sacks will do us in for sure.
  4.  Strike quickly -- Kentucky has defeated teams when we get on the board fast.
  5.  Hit LSU hard -- Our players may be intimidated by the size and speed of LSU, but nothing will give our players hope faster than hitting them -- hard.
I will be watching the game on TV today.  Those who are going to be there, GET LOUD!  Post your thoughts below.


Oh, I almost forgot to mention.  I have thoughtfully been provided a link if you want to hear my short interview with The Sports Tap last night.  (Note:  I am right after the Ole Miss guy).