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Moses not the promised one?

After all the hubbub about the on-again, off-forever recruitment of 6'7" forward Marshall Moses of The Patterson School, this nugget from the Herald-Leader has to catch your attention:

"If I'm coaching Kentucky, I'd have to believe I could get better players. I wouldn't worry if I was a Kentucky fan or supporter. Only time will tell, and I hope I'm wrong for the kid's sake and Oklahoma State's sake."
A recruiting analyst? A dismissive UK fan? Hardly.

The quote comes from Terry Truax, Moses' high school head coach. While it may placate the rabid UK fanbase all in a tizzy about the way the recruitment was handled, it is also a surprisingly harsh quote from a coach about his own kid.

Perhaps it's a motivational tool. Pretty tough quote. The word "tool" certainly has to fit in there somewhere.