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Some interesting factoids courtesy of Ken Pomeroy

These statistics may be found at Ken Pomeroy's excellent statistics site.

  1. UK has played the #1 schedule in the country against defensive teams. What that is saying is that Kentucky has essentially played the toughest schedule against teams with powerful defenses in the entire land. Contrast that with UNC, who has only ranked 38th in tough defenses faced, Florida at 154th, and Ohio State at 26th.
  2. Kentucky has played the 14th toughest offensive schedule in the country [UNC (8), Florida (173) and OSU (48)]
  3. The Wildcats' overall strength of schedule is 3rd, but their non-conference SOS is 27th. Arizona is the only team in the top 30 with a tougher non-conference SOS (they have also faced tougher offenses than UK has, 2nd overall). Nobody else comes close until Gonzaga (26th) at #40.
  4. UK's offensive efficiency against USC was higher than UNC's has been all year, against anyone. Their high was against High Point, Smith's alma mater.
  5. We have won every game this year when our defensive efficiency was 102 or less. Correlation of DE to winning is very strong for UK, much stronger than offensive efficiency.
  6. Correlation of offensive efficiency to offensive rebounding is .56 (strong) - Notice that this particular statistic is one where UK could reasonably improve the most. Improving our offensive efficiency ought to be a real focus for Smith this week.
  7.  Florida plays the game at a slower pace than UK, 154th vs. 152nd.