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Oh, and it gets better ...

How much is the Tubby Smith camp struggling right now?

One of their big targets in the frontcourt for 2007, the athlete Marshall Moses, got a call from the UK head man today cancelling Moses' proposed visit this weekend, effectively ending the Cats' recruitment of the 6'7" Moses.

Why, you ask? You'll never believe it.

Matt Jones over at KSR scoops the world on this one, so I'll give him the "privilege" of getting the full word out.

Suffice it to say, if Patrick Patterson does not come to UK, and if Randolph Morris somehow ends up going pro, the Kentucky frontline is going to be extremely (repeat: extremely) dicey next year.

I'll let it play out before I go ballistic like most of UK's recruiting obsessed fans, but in addition to to looking very amateur, this news caps what is certainly the worst 7-day period for the Cats since the end of last season. By far.

Update [2007-1-26 21:46:47 by JL Blue]:

Apparently, also from Jones, Tubby was in Louisville tonight to scout in-state scoring machine (and 6'4" PF) Stephon Pettigrew. The plot thickens ...