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Bouncing Around the Web

  • John Clay does a great job dissecting each Vanderbilt three-pointer from Saturday, noting who was (not) guarding the shooter and the time of the game. Unsurprising that the freshmen seemed to get burned the worst.
  • From the "Ain't that a shame" department, the Cats might not get to play Tennessee with Cat killer Chris Lofton. Lofton's high ankle sprain is bad enough that he could miss up to three weeks. Judging the situation purely on Lofton's prior behavior, it wouldn't surprise me to see the dude on Sunday, air cast and all. Tough kid. I also agree with Georgia coach Dennis Felton: "He's, by far, the best pressure shooter in the country."
  • If you're a fan of ESPN's sideline reporter Erin Andrews -- and not many red blooded guys I know aren't -- you've probably already seen her spectacular tribute video on Youtube. If not, it's worth the trip.
  • UK frosh Jodie Meeks adjusts to the fame that comes with being a UK Wildcat.