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SoB SEC Power Rankings: Week 2

How do you grade a league? Is it based solely on how the teams at the top play, or how the teams at the bottom perform? In the SEC's case, depth could be the most telling factor.

After a few games now, only the conference's two power schools -- Kentucky and Florida -- have won on the road. Ole Miss' surprise win over Arkansas rattles things a bit, as did Vanderbilt's last-second win over Tennessee.

A shuffle in the ranks as we take a look at the SEC Power Rankings for Week 2 (Ending Sunday, Jan. 14).

January 15 SEC Power Rankings
(1) #2, 16-2 (3-0 SEC): Thoughts of a Florida Gators downturn were wishful thinking on the other SEC teams' part. A solid win at Arkansas and then a blowout of South Carolina put the probable national #1 in good shape with just a single game this week. Foes don't want to see a healthy, hungry Noah and Horford, nor 20+ points from Lee Humphrey.
Up Next: Ole Miss (Home, Sat.)
(2) NR, 14-3, (3-0): Don't look now, but the 'also-ran' Wildcats, ignored nationally, have won 10 straight and are the only other unbeaten SEC group. Granted, the slate has been favorable, but wins are wins. Joe Crawford and the junior class have emerged for Kentucky, a welcome sight in Lexington, an unwelcome one everywhere else.
Up Next: South Carolina (Road, Tue.), Vandy (H, Sat.)
(3) #14, 14-2 (1-1): One of the toughest things to do in a league as good as the SEC is turn around and win after a big loss. The 'hangover effect' can be fatal. The Crimson Tide responded to a humiliation at Arkansas with a big win over LSU in its single game this week. The Tide need more from Ronald Steele, but getting up off the mat was key.
Up Next: Vandy (R, Wed.), Georgia (H, Sat.)
(4) #13, 12-4 (1-1): It wasn't a great week for the Tigers, with a loss at Bama and a narrow win vs. Auburn. But an SEC win is an SEC win. LSU hasn't shown the world-beater quality many expected, and their inclusion in the league's upper tier is tenuous at best.
Up Next: Ole Miss (H, Wed.), Arkansas (R, Sat.)
(5) #16, 13-4 (1-1): A pair of squeakers went against Chris Lofton and the Tennessee Volunteers this week. First, a late loss at rival Vandy, then an out-of-conference heartbreaker to Ohio St. The Vols' lack of interior depth is beginning to haunt them, as are an inability to hit clutch free throws. Time to put up or shut up for Bruce Pearl's guys.
Up Next: Auburn (R, Wed.), South Carolina (H, Sat.)
(6) NR, 10-5 (2-1): Two weeks after touting an improved Georgia Bulldogs, I can finally say 'I told you so.' Dennis Felton's boys dropped two SEC foes, running past both. Things get tougher this week, with road games against good teams. Picking off some of the SEC's better clubs is a must for Georgia to build to the next level.
Up Next: Arkansas (R, Wed.), Alabama (R, Sat.)
(7) NR, 12-5 (1-2): Stan Heath's Arkansas has never shown the ability to keep momentum. After a huge win over Bama, the Razorbacks stubbed their toe in losses to Florida and Ole Miss. The latter defeat will haunt the 'Hogs. A pair of home games this week, but the opponents are tough. Do they want to be dancing come March?
Up Next: Georgia (H, Wed.), LSU (H, Sat.)
(8) NR, 10-6 (1-2): The young Bulldogs have hung tough in recent weeks, though they haven't shown closing ability. They had Kentucky on the ropes in Rupp, but couldn't convert. A win over Ole Miss helps. Charles Rhodes can be a huge factor for this team if he keeps his trap shut. Jamont Gordon can't do it all alone.
Up Next: Auburn (H, Sat.)
(9) NR, 12-5 (1-2): Andy Kennedy has his Rebels playing tough basketball these days. A surprising home win over Arkansas is a huge boost. Despite a road loss earlier in the week, Ole Miss is staying competitive. Huge task this week vs. a couple of SEC heavyweights.
Up Next: LSU (R, Wed.), Florida (R, Sat.)
(10) NR, 11-6 (1-2): Playing at Memorial Gym looks like it won't be any easier this year, evidenced by Vanderbilt upending rival Tennessee there this week. A road loss at Georgia isn't cause for concern, though wins vs. the SEC's lessers are a must for postseason hopes.
Up Next: Alabama (H, Wed.), Kentucky (R, Sat.)
(11) NR, 11-7 (1-2): Not a strong week for the Auburn Tigers. Though a close loss to LSU doesn't doom them, a loss is a loss. The Tigers were not competitive at Kentucky. Still, they have a conference win, keeping them out of the cellar.
Up Next: Tennessee (H, Wed.), Miss. St. (R, Sat.)
(12) NR, 10-5 (0-2): The toughest road so far in the SEC has not been kind to the Gamecocks, with losses to Florida and Georgia. Things don't get better this week, with UK and UT on deck. Winless in the SEC, Dave Odom has a long season ahead, and is staring at a possible 0-4 start in the SEC.
Up Next: Kentucky (H, Tue.), Tennessee (R, Sat.)