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Motown 'Smooth': Cats dominant in win

Any questions? Didn't think so.

That's how it's done, you see. More or less. We'll save perfection for Florida or Bama or an Elite Eight rematch with Marquette. For now, we get this game, a clinic of meshing sturdy half-court defense and offensive efficiency. A fine result, Kentucky (13-3, 2-0) tagging the Auburn Tigers, 84-57.

The Cats clamped down on an already shaky-shooting Auburn, holding them to a dismal 28% FG shooting (27% 3FG). Their biggest inside threat, Korvotney Barber, scored just four, 9 below his average.

Tigers coach Jeff Lebo knew what happened.

"A lot of the missed shots are because of their defense and because they are so physical."

Indeed. In the second half, freshman reserve guard Michael Lewis got the Tigers hyped back up with a flurry of deep threes, but it was too little too late. For once, the Cats closed out an opponent with no loss of focus.

Joe Crawford was outstanding tonight, Making shots both in and out of the offensive set, when the occasion called for it. He also made himself available. That's a must for this team.

Ramel Bradley mihgt have one-upped his fellow junior. Smooth's 18 points and career-high 12 rebounds might have been the best game of his Kentucky career. He also had 7 assists and 2 steals, with just a single turnover.

Much more tomorrow, but for now, I can safely say I am optimistic. There is proof the kids are listening.