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While England slept ...

That sound you just heard was the Big Blue Nation freaking out unnecessarily.

Why, you ask?

Because they don't understand. They don't understand that you can't get 6 top-50 recruits to come sit on your bench. They don't understand that there's a difference between 'project' and 'untalented.' They don't understand that for every Shagari Alleyne, there are two Nazr Mohammeds on Tubby Smith's resume.

Well, I do understand. And I think that the news breaking that Mike Williams, a 7'0" British by way of Virginia back-to-the-basket center, has apparently become the first to verbally agree to join the 2006 Wildcats basketball team is good news.

Details are sketchy, but we all knew Williams was a late addition to the recruiting puzzle, and that he has more upside than stats at this point. But the interest in him has perked considerably in recent months, and I guess that whatever knee issues he had been getting checked out must have, well, checked out.

The Great Briton has dropped 80 pounds from a once-huge frame (which certainly must help his knees). He's also been pursued by Pitt, Michigan and Florida State, among others in early.

Is this a wasted scholarship with all these aforementioned players ready to show up?

I say no. I haven't seen him, none of us on the outside have. But big guys who can score -- note: shagari could NEVER score -- are a commodity. And we were all ready to pat Phil Jones on the back a few months ago, despite his similar rep.

My advice? Ignore the haters, the rankings-obsessed and trust in the staff. A few misses does not make for a lost eye for talent.

Oh, and welcome aboard a big British dude.  Tally Ho, indeed!