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English stuffin', Part II?

Word from is that Bishop Ireton High School in Virginia's Mike Williams, a 7'0" project who visited the Kentucky campus a few weeks back, could be on the verge (Premium link only) of a committment to the Cats.

Other rumors include positive momentum on Florida swingman A.J. Stewart, whose love for the Cats (premium Rivals link) is no secret. Stewart will be attending Midnight Madness, where fans are hoping he will convince AAU friend Patrick Patterson to help him bring glory to the Big Blue. A Stewart sales pitch, combined with a Jai Lucas commit at Madness could be just what the doctor ordered.

That sort of talent would also allow UK to take on a Williams as a project with Jared Carter amd Randolph Morris already in the fold for at least one more year.

Then again, with recruiting, it's always a bit of a mystery.