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Lamb to the slaughter, or 'The Way We Were'

You may have noticed that with a nationally televised ESPN game against SEC powerhouse Florida on Saturday, I have been conspicuously silent on the game. I have my reasons.

Principal among them is that Kentucky has a dubious track record against top-10 teams in TV games, one that says a beatdown is on the horizon.

That isn't to say I am hopeless about the Cats' chances. I am optimistic about the Wildcats insofar as they looked much improved against Ole Miss.

But Ole Miss and Florida are hardly on the same plane. And another ass-whippin' on ESPN doesn't exactly inspire hopeful bragging in advance.

Maybe the best question is: which UK will show up?

Will it be the fun n' gun crew that unloaded in the first half against Ole Miss? If so, Andre' Woodson and Keenan Burton must be on the same page. And a lack of Rafael Little could bode ill.

Or will it be the overwhelmed PussyCats that folded against Louisville in the opening 20 minutes? That team was embarassed, and was embarassing.

My best guess? Somewhere in between. What worries me isn't the offense, which will probably find a few gaps in the Florida 'D.'

It's the defense that held on for dear life against Ole Miss that frightens me. Because this Florida team is much better than the one that mauled the Cats last season, and could explode in the opening minutes if the frenzied crowd is a big factor.

I won't even get into predictions, because what's the use? Let's just stay hopeful, positive, and pray that there are no injuries to the skill players the Cats will need for the remainder of the winnable games on the season.