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As Gators await, Woodson blings & Brooks dreams

If the Wildcats are going to do the nearly unthinkable and take down No. 5 Florida in Gainesville on Saturday, it will have to be a massive effort by all involved, including an improved effort from the defensive line says head coach Rich Brooks.

More Myron Pryor should help somewhat, as the senior who tallied three forced takeaways in Saturday's win over Ole Miss is feeling better and should be able to take fewer plays off than in previous games.

But, most likely, any upset chance the Cats have will fall again on the shoulders of emerging sophomore QB Andre' Woodson, who earned some SEC Offensive player of the Week hardware to show for his outstanding game against the Rebels.

Coach Brooks is keenly aware of the task facing the Wildcats, who have not beaten Florida in their home stadium since 1979, and who have not toppled the Gators period in 20 years. That's some serious history to overcome.

Still, there is no doubt that (a) this is a much improved Wildcats offense, and (b) a win over Florida would be a program-changing event, especially on national television.

One thing that frustrates me is that Kentucky can only seem to get its biggest tests of the season on TV. Granted, a Kentucky-Louisiana-Monroe game is unlikely to draw enough viewers to earn an Earl Sheib ad, much less the big-name sponsors ESPN wants to lure in. But getting your ass handed to you on national television is not exactly the greatest recruiting tool. This is a case where one could argue that "bad press" isn't better than "no press."

But, what's on is on. And while the possibility of taking down the Gators is slim as slim can be, it's why they play the game.