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If it feels good, do it ...

Now that's more like it.

Coming off the down of the Louisville game, the scheduling gods (or Mitch Barnhardt) rewarded the Cats with an imminently winnable game.

The Cats obliged, 41-7, over Division I-AA Texas State.

While the win won't count towards the 6 necessary for a bowl game, it's a win. And it shakes off the negativity and frustration of a loss to a bitter rival.

Andre' Woodson tossed three scores -- two to new BFF Dickie Lyons, Jr. -- and Curtis Pulley and Rafael Little ran wild as the offense picked apart the lesser Bobcats.

Satisfying to win. Now it's time to turn this momentum into something meaningful.

Update [2006-9-12 10:39:9 by JL Blue]:

Apparently according to new rules, the game will count towards bowl eligibility. See posted comment for more details.