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Peek at the Weekend: Gridiron Edition

To paraphrase: It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody ...

For Big Blue Nation, it's all about Sunday this week, as the 2006 version of the football Wildcats meets its little brother (in hoops, at least) on the road for the annual grudge match.

Plenty of predictions abound, from a UK upset (a la 2002) to a Louisville BCS title (blathering talking head from ESPN) heading into the game, but one thing is for certain: Kentucky will have to catch some breaks.

Louisville is blessed with Heisman-caliber skill players, a punishing assemblage of experience and mojo and a home crowd.

The Cats? They have heart.

Well, it's a start.  In truth, Kentucky does field a more talented team, a team finally emerging from the shadows of probation. A win on the road over a nationally ranked team seems a tall task, and yet it would be sweet vindication for the embattled Rich Brooks and his rag-tag bunch.

I don't really fair well with predictions, especially in football, where there is always more hope than there is common sense.

That said, Louisville has the better team and the home-field. Even if they are looking past the Cats, Michael Bush and Brian Brohm will be a load to handle for an overmatched defense.

Louisville wins it, 41-28.

Hey, trust me, i'd love to be wrong.