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Luckiest guy ever for Thursday, Aug. 31

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Mark Coury.

Ever heard of him?  Probably not.  But he just totally outmanuevered you. It's how they play it up 'nawth.'

You may be unathletic, pudgy, perhaps a bit too into The Family Guy than you're totally comfortable with.

Mark Coury is a Wildcat.

That's right, set aside your Alaskan All-Stars, your Long Island losers, your Garden State Gators (enough of an insult in/of itself), cause here comes the real deal.

In truth, Coury is a walk-on. Of the official variety (this excludes Russians with secret LOIs, Tracy McGrady and Dwight Howard).

Listed at 6-foot-8, the forward from Detroit Country Day was in 2005, according to one media attendant "ranked the No. 4 power forward in the state by" (Rivals).

Sweet gig for that guy.