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Wednesday Roundup

This is the first installment of a new regular feature I will be doing. Nothing complicated, just a  few news headlines to start each day:


  • One of UK's big (literally) targets this summer was J.J Hickson, of Georgia, a man-child power forward who looked to be squeezing the Cats off his list. Rumored to be a heavy Florida lean, this nugget on a potential unofficial visit showed up a few weeks ago. Hard to know if it's true, old news or simply wrong information, but I like Hickson's game, and would love to find a way to backdoor into his recruiting.
  • High school superstar (and major media hog) O.J. Mayo is changing high schools ... again. This time, he's headed back to West Virginia, where he'll team at Huntington (W.Va.) High School with UK's biggest recruiting target, Patrick Patterson, on what would have to be an unbeatable prep team in a state not exactly overloaded with talent. As for UK fans worried that Mayo's return might affect Patterson's recruitment, none other than Patrick's mother had this to add ... "They will not go to college together or be on the same team. That won't happen. ... I don't think they have that much rapport."
  • Matt Jones and his radio crew continue their excellent in-depth coverage with another interview installment. Hear updates from Patterson, UK target Mashall Moses and the coach of possible 2006 (!!) late addition Ramone Harris, of which more is available via Big Blue Maniac's diary.