Mystery recruits?

Seems no major college in the country has as many "mystery" or late in the game recruits as UK. When we were talking about Erik Daniels or Anthony Epps is was fine, but not as much with Woo and Tyrone Nash.

The latest is one that has recently surfaced and might be bunk and might not: Ramon Harris, last year's AAAA Alaska prep basketball player of the year.

Matt Jones has a few good links on him at his blog.

Sounds like an intriguing prospect, and from the looks of the clues, UK either saw him at the same camp Tyrone Nash was playing in this summer in NJ or new Wildcat Michael Porter tipped the staff off, sicne Porter is linked to Harris via a Bay-area training camp.

Harris also played Oakland AAU ball.

Regardless, at 6'6" or 6'7" with a rumored big vertical, he sounds like someone you could add late and watch develop.  Still, if he was so good, why is he still around?

Tubby has pulled some rabbits out of his hat before, but not lately.  Let's hope is this rabbit arrives, he don't suck.