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A Finney saved?

There has been much speculation (much of it clearly understandable) that former UK assistant and Tulane coach Shawn Finney would be making his way back to Lexington.

This speculation has not been tempered by Finney's attending many high school camps this summer, sitting side-by-side with Tubby Smith and watching /scouting players at UK summer pickup games.

Jerry Tipton over at the Herald-Leader chimed in today:

Finney, who worked on UK's staff in Coach Tubby Smith's first three seasons at the school, was on the Memorial Coliseum court yesterday as coaches conducted individual workouts for players.

Smith professed that he'd be changing things after last season's debacle. While most wouldn't consider bringing a former assistant (and failed head coach) a groundbreaking move, it might stabilize a corps of assistants that has been less than dynamic in recruiting and scouting circles.