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Mid-week Quick Hits

Here's a quick roundup of stories to keep your appetites whetted until something actually happens ...


Obviously, most of the focus is on the opener with Louisville, who is getting lots of top-10 hype around the media world. Maybe the Cats will surprise the Cards this time around, and maybe not.  One player who will be surprised when he gets that first hit is UL returning QB Brian Brohm. After blowing out his knee against Syracuse last fall, the golden boy who shunned the Cats has been eased back into the fold by his coaches and will reportedly not take any contact in the preseason as a precaution.

Here's hoping the Wildcats make that first contact a memorable one.

Meanwhile, the story thus far )other than injuries and suspensions) for the UK offense has been the fierce competition for the starting QB job, as both the incumbent Andre Woodson and upstart Curtis Pulley have duked it out since spring practice.

Offensive coordinator Joker Phillips sees a bright side to the rivalry, however, noting that team chemistry and attitude are up as the battle brings out the best in both. A less covered, but equally worthy tussle for position has taken place deeper in the backfield, with Tony Dixon trying to take snaps from returning All-SEC running back Rafael Little.

Generally speaking, in college football it does seem that competition breeds success, while complacency has a predictably mellow effect.

Lastly, the Herald-Leader takes a look at the special teams, where return men are plentiful and kickers are not.


This time of year, the biggest news, of course, is in recruiting. Despite my tendency to cover it, count me as one of those who grow weary of the back-and-forth and the ups-and-downs of the recruiting game.  heck, it's not even a game, really, except for the kids, who pull and tug with reporters, offering nuggets of (mis)information that changes depending on the day, reporter's affiliation and the Zodiac, I think.

The best I can gather is that Tubby Smith's multi-year courtship of West Virginia big man Patrick Patterson is still working, with Smith scheduling an in-home visit for September and Patterson keeping the Cats near the top of his recently trimmed list of six schools. UK's competition in this one will be Florida and Duke, with West Virginia, Virginia and Wake Forest also in the mix.

Some other possible targets have been moving on. Josh Southern, a Michigan power forward who rebounds well but lacks athletic prowess, selected Boston College over the Cats, while Anthony Randolph declined to schedule an official visit to Lexington, effectively ending his recruitment. JJ Hickson, another UK target, announced plans to visit four schools, none of them Kentucky.

One player I have said much about is Bluegrass State native Stephon Pettigrew. I'll be working on a little update on him.

And the wheel goes round ...

And finally, from the "hearty chuckle" department, is Kurt Wirth's paper mache SEC basketball preview. Regardless of whether you think his picking Kentucky 5th in the SEC is laughable, do notice his use of the word "birth" for "berth" and that the whole thing seems as if it was written while reading someone else's preview.  Good stuff, and can't wait to see Wirth's future articles on the Cats' NCAA 'turnabout' chances.