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Join us, and channel your inner SoB


With both the football season and the basketball preseason nearly upon us, let me take a few moments to remind you of all the features we offer here at Sea of Blue.

In addition to our regular updates and commentary on all things Big Blue Nation, regulars should take a few moments to create an account with us.

This won't register you for any spam, e-mails or potential prizes or anything else and is absolutely free. What creating an account will do is enhance your experience here, allowing you to better interact with other users in crafting comments, posting original polls and, best of all, in posting diaries (viewable at right -->).

If there's one thing UK fans have plenty of, it's opinions. And what better way to share your vision of the UK universe than to be your own mouthpiece.

So take a few moments to create your account, and stay logged in. That way, the next time you visit you can begin to interweave your thoughts and words on the Wildcats with those of your fellow fans.