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The recruiting wheel goes round

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more complicated, it did. This nugget from erstwhile trouble-maker Gregg Doyel at CBS Sportsline ...

Sources all over Nike Camp say Florida recruit Doneal Mack, the only guard in the Gators' incoming freshman class, is about to become a free agent because of an eligibility hang-up that won't allow him to play for the Gators ... but will allow him to play elsewhere in Division I this season. ... Kentucky already has let Mack's people know that he has a scholarship if he wants to become a Wildcat.

Mack is more of a wing than a guard, and would provide a nice bridge should Joe Crawford blow up and head off after this season. He's also left-handed, 6'5" and a strong shooter.

Combined with a potential Tyrone Nash signing, the 2006 incoming class would be among Tubby Smith's best, even if it lacks the star power most UK fans pine for.

Update [2006-7-8 15:9:54 by JL Blue]:

My how a day can change things ... A premuim article says Mack is NOT headed to Kentucky in any event, while an insider poster at Cats Pause states: "I'm told by a rock-solid source that Nash is coming to UK... Word is he's just awaiting the paperwork to go thru."

Good news, if true, on Nash, and predictable and unproblematic news on Mack, who was a long shot to begin with.