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Strange magic? Nash auditions

Kentucky's belated recruitment of Long Island forward Tyrone Nash has certainly not followed your more traditional recruiting form (player gets interest, players shows interest, offer is made, visit is made, committment is made, etc.).

On Tuesday, Herald-Leader beat writer Jerry Tipton scooped that the recruit's father says a committment to UK is imminent, "provided ..."

"[F]irst, Nash wants Kentucky coaches to watch him play. The prospect's father saw this exercise as a mere formality."

Offered a full ride to UK, a rising prospect with a 3.8 GPA wants to make sure the fit is right, seeing as the Wildcats jumped in so late that they have never seen Nash play in person. This is great stuff, either the maturity and discipline of a thoughtful young man or the stupidity and naivete of a confused young man. Regardless, it's win-win for Tubby Smith, who can still opt out if he wants, but who can also opt in without competition, apaprently.

Nash's father also intimated that preliminary discussions have occurred hinting that Nash could be a redshirt candidate, a surprising development given that (a) the Cats are thin in the frontcourt after the departures of Shagari Alleyne and Rekalin Sims and (b) UK is in tight with a few of the top '07 power forwards. But Nash was headed to prep school originally, so perhaps he really does not feel ready to contribute major minutes immediately. Tubby's redshirt track record is non-existent, so I'll believe that when I see it.

Several times in the last week since the Wildcats' recruitment of Nash began, the player described the whole thing as "whirlwind."

Welcome to the world of Kentucky basketball recruiting, Tyrone Nash.

Typically, and predictably, a few fans online were able to find the black lining, trashing the choice. To them he is on the "Adam Williams level," a reference to the bench-warming early committ who recently transferred to Marshall after appearing in over his head in his few minutes as a Cat.

Welcome to the world of Kentucky fanship, Tyrone Nash, where disaster and moaning are only a click away!

Being a UK hoops fan has never been less pleasant, less interesting and less fun. I hope Tubby Smith and his team dominate the early season and shut these whining, short-sighted idiots up. I, and many other UK fans, are sick to death of these Internet Heroes' constant negativity.

Here's hoping Nash hitches his wagon to the UK cart.