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More on MySpace issues ... recently posted this little nugget on the MySpace situation. For those who may not be as familiar with the issue itself, many of the kids being recruited heavily -- OJ Mayo for example -- have personal web sites hosted by the MySpace folks. These allow for individuals to post messages of "Wassup" or "I have huge boobs" or, in this case, "Come to my school and play hoops, dawg."

The first of these listed is fine. The second, technically also fine (unless you're the parents of the owner of said boobs). The third is where things get tricky.

Kentucky recently caused a mini-uproar among its faithful by self-reporting to the NCAA what it termed "minor recruiting violations" due to its fans going apeshit on recruits' boards. Some of these postings were borderline obscene, and many were technically not written in English, but in something vaguely resembling English.

While some fans balked at this self-reporting as the overly cautious nature of compliance, I thought it prudent given that (a) this is an emerging problem, not an extablished one and (b) the NCAA would love to make an example of the Big Blue Nation. And before you call me paranoid, don't forget UK has already had to disassociate itself from a message board a few years ago because the guy running it was trying to organize posters to steer recruits (mostly football, I believe) to UK. Not to mention, smacking UK around penalty-wise is an NCAA institution.

The best case scenario? Nothing happens and the self-reporting just keeps UK fans better behaved.

The worst case scenario? UK's early reporting makes it look bad, causing some recruits previously oblivious to the postings (honestly, how many of these kids read everything on those sites?) to reconsider wanting to be a part of the madness that can be UK basketball.

If I hazard a guess, it will be neither, but it's not in UK's best interests to wait and see.