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Recruiting update: Cats on the prowl

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the recruiting cave comes a few tidbits from Jer Jer Binx at the Herald-Leader.

Apparently UK fans (or those posing as ... ) posting digitally enhanced images of Ashley Judd's bouncing boobs and/or other less refined images in hopes of luring top target Patrick Patterson from the wilds of West Virginia won't hurt Pat's mom's opinion of the Cats.

By logic, I think that means she's pro-Ashley's boobs. I didn't do well in Logic 102, by the by.

Tyrone Nash, he of the late blooming and indecision, is apparently going to make his school choice known ... next month. If he thought he wasn't going to play much before missing all summer ...

Other nuggets from around the recruiting world:

Anthony Randolph

After word had come through the grapevine that Tubby and Co. had not been in consistent contact with one of their top targets for 2007, Anthony Randolph, comes a few hints that the Cats may be still in the hunt (premium link).

Randolph is a Tayshaun-like 6'10" passing forward, and is rising into one of the top 10-15 prospects heading into his senior year.

Julian Vaughn

Another 6'10" kid with UK blue chasing him is Julian Vaughn, a Virginia forward/center who will play his senior year at Oak Hill Academy (Jules Camara, Cliff Hawkins, Rajon Rondo, Rashaad Carruth, etc.).

The latest has Vaughn "drawing closer to making a decision." This means late August or early September. Among the schools in the hunt for the big man include Kentucky (looking for a visit soon), Pitt, Florida State, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

Sseems like Tubby and company have been busy. It would be nice to see them seal the deal with a few of these big names early, easing the strain on both the head man's time and reputation as the season progresses.