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UK proactive on My Space issues

Though it seems a little strange to be admitting to things you haven't been accused of, UK compliance officer Sandy Bell and the AD's office submitted to the NCAA so-called "minor violations" relating to fans interacting on recruits' My Space accounts.

This issue has been boiling over on the message boards, but frankly bores me a little.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) -- Kentucky self-reported a secondary NCAA violation because of postings on a potential recruit's Web site, apparently by fans.

The postings on the site of West Virginia high school basketball star Patrick Patterson, who just completed his junior year at Huntington High School, tried to entice him to attend Kentucky, WLEX-TV in Lexington reported.

"Fans are not allowed to interact with recruitable student athletes," Kentucky athletics spokesman Scott Stricklin said Wednesday. "We had to report that to the NCAA."

Guess it's better to preempt NCAA inquiry, especially if you're Kentucky.