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That was fast ...

It didn't take long once Tubby Smith returned stateside for action on the Shagari Alleyne issue.

On Wednesday, the Lexington Herald-Leader and other outlets reported that the 7'3" center from the Bronx has asked for and received his unconditional scholarship release, clearing the path for his transfer to another school.

Big dudes don't cry  ... they dunk. Just no longer at Kentucky.

At this stage, with only one year of eligibility and with plenty of doubters as to his long-term abilities, it would seem unlikely that Alleyne would head to another major D-1 program.

Then again, stranger things have happened.

And so prematurely ends the tenure of the tallest player ever to suit up for the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team.

Good luck, big guy, and remember that class is more than just a bling-tastic ride ... it's that thing at 9 AM you apparently keep missing?