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Mining the future ...

So ... what now?

The Kentucky baseball team (and I must note, by the way, that after referring to them as the Bat Cats for much of the season, it was recently brought to my attention that that nickname is, in fact, both unwelcome and expired, so I apologize) has finished its unlikely and dynamic campaign.

The football team is done with spring practice and now goes into hibernation for what is sure to be a championship season in the fall (and I must note, by the way, that the nickname 'Pussy Cats' is apparently not welcomed by the UK football team ... who knew?).

There's probably a golf or tennis thing to follow, but let's be honest, while we all hope and pray that the good kids of the UK swimming and diving teams do well, we aren't going to watch it or follow it beyond in passing ...

So where are we?

Whatever happened to Rod Rhodes' mojo?

I guess the first items of business are basketball recruiting and basketball pickup games. Then come basketball predictions and then basketball practice. I think you see where this is leading.

Welcome back, UK basketball as my life!

Over the next few months, I promise to stop pretending that this is a UK sports blog and get back to the real reason I, and anyone else reading this, are alive ... Kentucky hoops.

On the schedule are:

  • Profiles of incoming freshmen. The first, on Jodie Meeks, of Norcross (Ga.), was the first, and will be reposted.
  • Settling new and old debates, among them the ubiquitous "Tubby vs. history" and the more sanguine "Rondo vs. Hawkins" issue. Many others will follow, as there are no shortage of complaints, debates and issues in the minds of the Big Blue Nation.
  • Continued updates on recruiting and development.
  • Interviews with fans about their favorite UK hoops memories and gripes.
Plus, we reveal the true nature of Myron Anthony's departure and Oliver Simmons' grooming tips!

This is one offseason you won't want to miss (except for the part about Simmons, I'd recommend you catch up on some bill paying during that one ... )