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Boston a Rajon inferno?

No more complaints about Kentucky lacking first-round talent, haters ... Wildcats all-around star Rajon Rondo was the first point guard taken, drafted at #22 by the Phoenix Suns, who will trade the pick to Boston for cash.

It wasn't that surprising that Rajon went to Boston, as Celtics GM Danny Ainge was seen sitting next to Donna Smith (and was clearly a guest) during the season, and since the Celtics had Rondo, Marcus Williams (#23 to NJ Nets) and randy Foye in for a second look on Tuesday, just a day before tonight's events.

In an interesting twist, Rondo suddenly becomes the backup to Sebastian Telfair, bringing their indirect relationship full-circle. Telfair, fans may remember, was the star Louisville coach Rick Pitino got a verbal from in high school, and who basically forced Rondo to choose another school or wait.

Telfair comes to the Celtics in a multiplayer deal from the Trailblazers, who were busy trading partners all draft night.

It's my feeling Rajon's many talents will overcome his shooting woes, and that, like Brevin Knight, Andre Miller and Jamaal Tinsley, he will prove to be a productive NBA player. If Rondo somehow develops a shooting eye, he has the potential to be a star ... with the operative word being potential.

All in all, a good day for the Wildcats program, with good vibes about a maybe future Cat who is visiting (Tyrone Nash) and a former (and forever) Wildcat moving on to $greener$ pastures, and giving the progam another NBA pro to add to its already impressive roster.