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Nash bridges gap to '07 bigs?

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After whiffing on power forward recruit No. 217 (Future Gator Dan Werner), it looks like another spring fling is afoot with Tubby Smith's crew.

Tyron Nash, a rising senior from Lawrence Woodmere Academy who debated prepping a year and reclassifying for '07, is apparently sporting a fresh new UK scholarship offer and will be visiting Lexington as soon as tomorrow.

Only a few details are out there, but what there is sounds both promising and familiar, as far as Tubby recruits have gone: undersized, good kid, late bloomer.

A Long Island native, Nash is listed in the 6'6"-6"8" range, and averaged a brisk 12 boards a game. Observers noted Nash's leaping ability and scrappiness, the latter putting him in the Chuck Hayes realm, if not the former.

Nash posted a solid line at the Jordan Classic Regional Game (PDF) in May, with 12 points with six boards, an assist and two steals in 27 minutes.

One internet site had Nash listed as the 16th best player in NYC, but according to whom, exactly?

He was also named Long Island Player of the Year by yet another site.  Meanwhile, Tyrone himself offered a little peek into his innermost thoughts, including his feelings about the "doggy-dog world" we live in.

But he sports a strong 3.8 GPA by all accounts, and has some big-name suitors, including UConn, Marquette and Seton Hall.

Tom Konchalski, an uber-scout in New York City, had this to say of Nash:

?He?s one of the most improved players in New York City. From last year to this year, it?s been a marked improvement. He runs the floor well. He goes after the ball off the glass as hard as anyone. He?s got a very good handle, good feet, very good lateral movement around the lane. He?s a very good passer. He has gone from playing like a boy a year ago to playing like a man.?

Nash's recruitment seems typical of the Smith regime: potential upside, total unknown, diamond-in-the-rough. This worked out great with Gerald Fitch, Erik Daniels and Marquis Estill ... not so well with Shagari Alleyne, Woo Obrzut and Adam Williams and remains to be seen with Jared Carter.

Dubious fans will, of course, split somewhat evenly between praising his as yet unseen skills and declaring him a useless player with useless non-skills ... I'll reserve judgement until he suits up as a Cat. And if he doesn't, then to hell with him anyway!