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SEC Football ... it's something-tastic!

Despite my prior admissions to the contrary, I don't hate UK football. Sure, it doesn't seem like I talk about it much, and I can't argue that point. But Kentucky has not ever been in my lifetime a football school.

This is not the case for the University of Georgia, however. Spring football there is more akin to recruiting season in UK hoops, only with more red and white streamers.

With the SportsBlogs Nation growing by leaps and bounds, and with much of the SEC East represented by webloggers in the S.B. Nation, I thought it a fine idea to see how the other half lived.  

Enter Dawg Sports, a Georgia-tastic blog whose addiction to Sex and the City star Kristin Davis rivals the Big Blue Nation's fascination with our own Miss Ashley Judd.

Dawg Sports and I exchanged some questions about spring football, and my answers to him about the Cats' fortunes are eating up space over at Dawg Sports. (Check out my thoughts)

One thing Kentucky fans have always shown is a respect for the strong traditions throughout the SEC. While UK may have unsurprassed tradition in hoops, one could argue that Georgia is the SEC's standard-bearer on the gridiron. Come take a look at Kyle's take on the state of the Georgia football nation, and find out some surprising things about what it's like to live in football country.

Read the interview with Dawg Sports on Georgia Bulldogs football ...