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BREAKING: Sims wants out

In what is surely as shocking a report as the news that Britney Spears likes Miracle Whip, Kentucky hoops forward Rekalin Sims has requested his release.

Sims leaves UK after dominating in exactly one game -- a loss to Iowa. After transferring from Salt Lake Community College last season, it was expected that the 6'8" scoring forward would help ease the loss of gritty senior Chuck Hayes. That did not happen.

Whether it was a nagging back injury or his preponderence for ill-advised three-pointers, Sims never really fit the Tubby Smith system. Blaming either for that is hard to do, since we'll never know the dynamic between Sims and his team. JUCO big men are notoriously slow to fit into a program, and the team's struggles this season certainly didn't help things.

Where Sims was heading at this time is unknown, though another lost year due to transfer seems unlikely. Expect him to take his fur coats and left-handed jumper somewhere West, closer to his California roots, and possibly at an NAIA or JUCO school.

Best of luck to him. And say hi to Nate Knight for us.