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Some quotes .. .and a note.

Sorry for the disappearing act ...

One of my moonlighting jobs is as a writer for DraftExpress, an NBA scouting website.

I attended the opening practice of the Jordan Classic in NYC today, and had the opportunity to grab quotes from a few UK-related players.

Demond Carter was a foe of Perry Stevenson. Carter scored over 7,000 points (!!) in high school, and will be attneding baylor in the fall. i asked him about Stevenson, and he had some kind, if unenlightening things to say:

"I think he's a great player. He's tall, blocks shots ... a great shotblocker. He works hard and has a great attitude. He'll go a long way."

On how he scored 7,000 HS points:

"Teammates. Getting me the ball, set screens, the little things. You've got to give it up to your teammates."

And finally, I was able to ask Thad Young (who's really damn good, btw) and Brandan Wright indirectly about their spurning of Kentucky in the recruiting process.

Wright was not phased by Tyler Hansbrough being in front of him. In fact, he was clearly sold on the idea of playing alongside him as a change of pace:

"Tyler [Hansbrough] is going to demand a lot of double-teams, so I have to be there to pick up the slack. It's kind of a change, since he's a big bruiser on the inside, and I'm more of an athletic, slasher type of post player. It'll be a nice change-up."

Meanwhile, it appears Young never really had Kentucky close to the top, as he basically all but forgot them when talking about his recruitment.

According to Young, he was not enamored of the small-town feel of Lexington, and he, too, had UNC at the top of his list until Wright committed, pushing Young to reexamine and head to Georgia Tech.

Just a couple of nuggets.