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Bringing down the house ...

Oh, no he didn't!

But he did. Who was that tall, lithe rookie receiver running routes during spring practice on Tuesday? You know the one who jumps through the roof and looks like a basketball player?

It's Ravi Moss. Yes, that Ravi Moss.

After getting an invitation from UK football coach Rich Brooks to try his hand at wideout, Moss will reportedly gauge his ability and possibilities of helping his teammates during the spring. He would have a year of eligibility in football if he chose to stay. Props to Matt May of "The Cats' Pause" for the scoopage.

Moss' chances on the gridiron aren't the only things to watch in spring camp:

(1) The triple competition at quarterback features three talented guys, all with something to prove. Incumbent Andre' Woodson has experience and pedigree, not to mention size. Curtis Pulley is brash and athletic, while Will Fidler is a pocket guy with accuracy.

(2) How will Tony Dixon rebound from injury? A 4.41 40-yard dasher, Dixon has game-breaking speed but is unproven. Not to mention he has a 1,000 yard rusher in front of him on the depth chart.

(3) What effect will Micah Johnson, the 6'2" man-child freshman from Ft. Campbell have in his first year? An elite prospect, he helped Brooks and Co. tremendously in recruiting circles, giving them a legit five-star to hang their hat on. On the field, the transition to SEC football can be tough for any player, regardless of talent.

(4) Can now sophomore Aaron Miller regain the form that had him as the Cats' top O-lineman at the end of his freshman season (2004)? After a year off, how rusty will he be, and can he bolster the left side of the line enough to give Little and Dixon some cover?

There will be many storylines between now and fall practice, but those are a few to watch in the short-term.