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It was an inside job (Tubby to Bobcats)!

From the way out there department comes a Toronto Star reporter quoting the Bobcats' president Ed Tapscott as positing the following:

"I have an educated guess what's really going on," he said. "Tubby is having his first mediocre season at Kentucky, where he wasn't all that popular when he was winning. I think some friend of Tubby is calling up writers, suggesting the Bobcats scenario, to either make him look in demand or perhaps to suggest an exit strategy if things go south for Tubby in Lexington."

Tubby Smith may be a lot of things, but he isn't a liar, conniver or quitter. Additionally, the ole "smoke=fire" scenario is starting to creep in here. How many more quotes about Tubby not taking the job do we need?