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Hey Ladies! Get funky ...

Mickie Demoss leads her surprising, rejuvenated 4th-seeded Lady Kats into the SEC tournament quarters tonight at 7:30 ET against the 5th seed, Florida.

Demoss has done what she promised already, turning the Kentucky women's team into a tough out in just three years at the helm. Her recruiting, especially of the in-state girls who were turning Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Purdue into Final Four teams the past decade, has been exceptional. The coaching change has paid immediate dividends, with the ladies topping power Tennessee this year for the first time since the Hoover administration, I think, and finishing 4th in the SEC, probably the toughest top to bottom league in women's collegiate basketball.

If you haven't jumped on board the Lady Cats' bandwagon -- either because you claim to "hate" women's basketball or you simply have never thought to -- I urge you to put your biases aside and root them on. After all, they are Wildcats , too!

Good luck, Mickie & Co. Any day we can beat the Gators is a good day.