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SEC takes a hit ...

Arkansas looked exactly like a big conference team in its loss to Bucknell: big athletes, no free throw shooting.

The Wildcats now the only SEc team still left to play in Round 1. I expect a Tubby gameplan designed to maximize the Cats' size advantage. Much as the UK faithful think that we should get Rajon Rondo running in this game, I think the opposite. Let Rondo run when things break down, but otherwise punch it inside to Randolph Morris, Rekalin Sims and even Shagari. Push it inside and work inside out.

Negate the full-court press with a mobile big at the half-court stripe and hope Patrick Sparks and Joe Crawford have the stroke today.

If those two in particular shoot 2-for-10, Kentucky is heading home. Simple as that.

My prediction? Cats 72-66.