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Unpredictables strike again, top Tide

Who at this point can possibly know what to expect from this troupe of Wildcats?

After trailing by as many as 11 points down the stretch against the Crimson Tide -- this, after taking a five-point lead early in the half -- Kentucky stormed back, using a 21-3 run to close out a 68-61 victory in the quarterfinals of the SEC tournament on Friday.

Like you didn't already know all this.

Fact is, I was looking at the score in the lower corner the whole time, and never really felt the Cats were out of it, despite not guarding the three. And then Patrick Sparks caught fire. And then Randolph Morris got hot.


Next, the cardiac Cats move on to face South Carolina in the semifinals at 1:00 p.m. ET. The Gamecocks toppled a fading Tennessee.

Joe Crawford was the only consistent threat today, tallying 14 points to lead the Cats. Meanwhile, there was oft-maligned Bobby Perry pulling down 8 rebounds and hitting the shot that put the Cats up for good, a "God, no ... yes!" runner in the lane.

Rajon Rondo's all-around play in the second half was key, as well, as he moved the ball effectively and really controlled the defensive backcourt.

Very satisfying to see some spark in these boys.

More to come.