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Nashville Cats are clean as country water

The culmination of a surprising and entertaining Kentucky football season will now have to wait until Dec. 29 at 1 p.m., when the Wildcats match up as underdogs to the ACC's Clemson Tigers in Nashville.

While there were three scenarios for a bowl trip, the Nashville scenario seemed as plausible as any, especially once Georgia Tech lost to Wake Forest in the ACC title game. And from a fan standpoint, it's the best option for both the Music City officials and for Big Blue Nation, whose reputation for traveling well probably did not hurt its team's chances.

Juniors Andre' Woodson, Keenan Burton and Rafael Little may all take a close look at their NFL status after the season, and depending on what they find out, almost have to listen. Burton has acknowledged as much, and I haven't seen any words yet from the other two, particularly Woodson.

Junior Keenan Burton could be playing his last game in UK Blue.

It will be sweet vindication for both head coach Rich Brooks, who promised such a season and had to doubt at times over the last few years that it would come to fruition, and athletic director Mitch Barnhardt, who stuck by his hire when many ADs might have jumped ship and been slapped on the back in thanks for doing so.

Now the Cats have an opponent to focus on and some business to take care of. Kentucky has lost its last two bowl appearances, and hasn't won one since 1984's Hall of Fame bowl. The 2006 Music City Bowl is a rematch of the 1993 Peach Bowl, when Clemson escaped via a Marty Moore dropped interception late in the game. While none of the current staff or team may care about that game, the fans would love a shot at revenge.

Congrats to the Cats, now go train so you whip some ACC Tiger ass.