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Cats methodical in win over EKU

Looking at the box score, you'd think Cats fans would be pleased. Surprise! They're bitching.

Face it, Tubby critics. This is your offense. It's not a thing of beauty. You're not going to get 15 threes. You're not going to beat teams by 45 going away. You're not going to see 100 points.

What you will see is improved efficiency, apparently. Kentucky had a very low 11 turnovers to 14 assists in pulling away for a 78-65 win. The Cats shot 52% from the field, 6-of-9 from threepoint range in the second half.

So where was the breakdown? Oddly, it was defensive.

For the first time in eight games, the opponent topped the 40% shooting mark (44% for the game), and the Colonels tallied 10 threes. Joe Crawford did a great job in forcing EKU's leading shooter, Mike Rose, into a woeful 2-for-17 from the floor.

On the offensive side for the Cats, while Randolph Morris reached his career high with 25 points (plus 10 boards), Ramel Bradley was the key to the game, plugging in 20 points on 4 threes.

But where was Bobby Perry? The senior starter continued his mostly miserable month, scoring 7 on just 3-of-9 shooting, many of those in close. Perry did contribute in other ways, but it's beginning to look like the sweet shooting stroke Perry displays infrequently is the exception, not the norm.

All in all, a grind-it-out win, by 13, over a grind-it-out team.