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Christmastime: The wheels turn, just more slowly...

I hope everyone understands it's the holidays, and blogging for both JL and I has been pretty light.  However, we haven't forgotten about our readership.

Today, I'll be catching up on a few stories around that might not have come across your radar yet.

First, and most controversial, are the fairly recent comments made by Jim Calhoun of the University of Connecticut. He kind of dissed UK's current team in the Hartford Courant, and the Louisville Courier-Journal picked it up as well.  No matter what you think of Jim Calhoun, there is no doubt that he is right, at least for the present, about our offense.  Beyond that, he's on his own.  Let's just hope our offensive production in the UMass game is indicative of the future.  Remember, though, one game does not make a trend...

Next, in case you have forgotten about Patrick Patterson, he did not move to the North Pole for Christmas.  He is, in fact, drawing lots of attention from all the schools interested in his services.  Here is an article from the Ashland, KY Daily Independent about Patterson's team, his teammates, and what it's like to be playing on a high school team full of future D-1 studs.

And from the "Who Woulda Thunk It?" department comes this review of College Hoops 2K6 for the XBox 360, which includes several real-life college coaches including - you guessed it - our own Tubby Smith.  Who said Smith didn't do technology?

And finally, there is a bit of underreported recruiting news.  There was apparently a Tubby Smith sighting up in Yonkers, NY a couple of weeks ago to watch Kevin Jones, a 2008 Scout 4-star prospect, drop in 25 against apparently weak opposition (Jones' team won 113-54 - Ouch!).  You just knew Smith was on the trail, didn't you?  Sure you did.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!