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All he wants for Christmas ...

Yule logs galore. Egg nog (so disgusting). Wrapping paper with tiny Santas. Better on-the-ball defensive pressure.

So what does Tubby Smith want for Christmas?

... Just one game without a single turnover.
... More deflections than a Kentucky governor's press conference.
... A framed picture of Rick Pitino's NIT Final Four trophy.
... Two more Chuck Hayes.
... A lifetime supply of Visine.
... No more accidentally catching Bill Keightley post-shower but pre-dressed.
... A summer without having to recruit.
... Holding the rest of the schedule to under 40% from the field.
... A phone call from Patrick Patterson saying, "I'm in."
... One press conference at the beginning of the season and one after, that's it.
... Caller block function for Larry Vaught.
... Joe Crawford's shooting touch.
... A restraining order on Rob Bromley.
... Karl Hess' "lucky" whistle.
... Woo's heart in Randolph Morris' body.
... A new body for Sheray Thomas.
... One stinking defensive rebound in OT against Michigan State, 2005.
... A three-point specialist.
... A do-over on Rashaad Carruth.
... A sweep of Florida this season.
... No more "running into" Billy Donovan outside recruits' houses.
... Another crack at UAB back in 2004.
... A prayer answered for Mike Sutton.
... Seth Davis' undefeated coaching record.
... One game without an offensive breakdown.
... Make it three more Chuck Hayes.
... and the 2007 NCAA national title.

A guy can dream, can't he?

Merry Christmas from A Sea of Blue. Thanks for reading over the last 10 months, and here's to making all of Tubby Smith's Xmas dreams come true, eh?