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A nice recipe for crow...

There comes at time when we must all eat a little crow.  For me, that time comes pretty often, and now it is here again (just a sec, gotta pre-heat the oven).

Today's menu will include roast crow with rosemary and thyme.  I am making it for myself because I disrespected Woo in my post of the other day.  I believe my comment was:

I didn't mention Woo.  Enough said about that.
Well.  All Woo did was put up the following line:  26 minutes, 3-5 shooting, 5 rebounds, two of them offensive, one block and some excellent defense against Louisville's bigs.  He also made a nice hi-lo pass to Morris which lead to free throws and played as well overall as he has ever played in his entire career at UK.

Even though his line seems relatively modest, especially compared to Jodie Meeks' awesome 18 point performance, his impact on the game by allowing Morris to make it late into the second half cannot be minimized.  Excuse me a sec, gotta season my crow now, and get it in the oven...

I believe I also said that Sheray Thomas was "overmatched" against Juan Palacios.  Wrong again, Skippy.  Thomas did a fine defensive job on Palacios and Derrick Caracter as well, as evidenced by Palacios' 4-12 shooting from the field.  His 0-4 shooting from the arc seems incidental, since we were giving him that shot and he obliged us by missing them all badly.  I will give myself some credit - I said Thomas might bait Caracter into a couple of cheap fouls.  He certainly did, although Caracter picked up two fouls on his way from the bench to the scorer's table.

Stevenson also helped out against Palacios, as did Woo when he was in the game with Morris.  Thomas also hit a nice baseline jumper at a critical point in the game, and had the exact same rebounding line as Woo.  Taken together, those two guys make one hell of a power forward - 9 points, 10 rebounds (4 offensive) and only 1 turnover.  Ramel Bradley continued his good play from the shooting guard position, and Michael Porter gave his usual blue-collar performance. Joe Crawford continues to shoot inconsistently, although his 5 assists were a team high. 

Bobby Perry continues to live in the Twilight Zone where he has one good game and turns into a potted plant for the next two.  Yesterday, he appeared on the court as a ficus.  Derek Jasper had some moments, especially on defense.  But with 0 assists and 2 turnovers in 20 minutes, we can't really say his performance was quite up to what we have come to expect from him.

I won't even go into the horror that was the Louisville team shooting the basketball yesterday.  You saw what I saw - a team with excellent talent that almost certainly couldn't have beaten Greg Oden's high school team, even in Freedom Hall.  AOL Sports blog wonders if Pitino has lost his mojo - even though they incorrectly point out that this is Pitino's second consecutive loss to UK (it is his third in a row).

Ah, my crow is out.  Having it with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.  Hmm, tastes like...well, OK, it tastes like crow - gamy, yet disgusting.