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GAMEDAY: Cats in big game with Dawgs

Beat Georgia. It's not something as a Kentucky fan that you often think about. It hasn't happened much the last, oh, decade. And Georgia in the last few years under coach Mark Richt has been a top 10 team consistently.

So why are Big Blue fans suddenly eyeing this game as a possible signature win? Because Georgia can't score.

Whether it's their quarterback merry-go-round or a lack of experience on the O-line, something hasn't clicked with the Bulldogs this season, and the Cats hope to take advantage of it on a brisk fall Lexington afternoon at Commonwealth Stadium.

Surprise tailback Alfonso Smith -- the hero of the Mississippi State game, gets the start, and hopefully he'll repeat his strong outing last time out.

But this one will again come down to whether Kentucky's maligned defense can stop anyone from doing whatever they want to.  If they can, and if the offense can put up the same strong efforts it's managed most of the season, then UK could shock the league.

If not, it would be another missed opportunity.

As a final note, I know I've been consistently negative about the footballl team. I find them frustrating as a unit, and I did not and still do not consider coach Rich Brooks the right hire. But I do hope they win, and will certainly pile a large helping of crow on my plate if they can prove me wrong.

Gametime is 1 p.m. ET. Shock the world, boys, shock the world.