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Still lazy after all these years ...

Juys a heads up that I have returned from the break. There's plenty to talk about, and I will post the first of several updates later today. Sorry for the delays. Family obligations and all that rot.

Biggest thing is that the Cats face College of Charleston, and familiar face (and hair) Bobby Cremins on Tuesday at Rupp Arena. It will be interesting to see what, if any, shakeup may occur with the starting lineup.

If I were a betting man (and I'm not), I wouldn't expect any changes. But Tubby Smith's surprisingly candid comments in re: Ramel Bradley's play at the point, coupled with an abysmal showing on the court by senior Bobby Perry, could lead the head man to give freshman Derrick Jasper a longer look at the point, thereby shifting everyone over.

Or not.

In any event, it's gristle to chew on, which at 3-2 on a two-game slide is about all we got until tip-off tomorrow.

The football Cats performed admirably, but lost to Tennessee. For the 22nd straight time. At what point does the term 'rivalry' stop applying?

Regardless, I must applaud the effort put forth by the team this season, especially the offensive stars. I can't remember the last time the program looked to be on such an uptick, and the recruiting and play calling have been major factors in this.

The defense, while stiffer on Saturday, has not been. Despite that, the 7-5 record (4-4 SEC) and the overall improvement certainly merit Rich Brooks being given more time. How long is up to the AD -- I hope Mitch Barnhardty is fair, but not overly so -- but Brooks has rebuilt a decimated program into a solid team.

If the offense returns intact, then the foundation is set for even bigger things. But first things first, a bowl game. How's that for a change of pace, eh?

More to come.