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Two down, one to go

It's travel day for this denizen of Sea of Blue, so it'll be short but sweet.

Wish I had more time to pick apart the Cats' tough 71-66 loss to UCLA on Tuesday night. From this vantage point, while UK enjoyed the Bruins' worst shooting effort, it also earned a lot of respect for fighting back from a deep hole.

It's amazing how poorly Bobby Perry can play one day and how well the next. Senior forwards should never shoot 0-fer and get no points, foul troubles or no.

Without Derrick Jasper's 12 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, the Cats' comeback would never have happened. Ramel Bradley had a rough night all around, but shouldn't solely shoulder blame for this one. Joe Crawford again got started late, but made it a strong showing with 16, including many down the stretch.

Now the Cats face another, quite different test in Memphis at 4:30 PM ET. The Tigers run and shoot and play sketchy defense, as evidenced by Georgia Tech's comeback win on Tuesday, where thtey overcome a 17-point hole to dominate Memphis in the second half.

Here's hoping UK keeps it's head up and uses the whole floor, not just half at a time.

Big Blue Nation is abuzz today with thoughts of Jasper starting over Ramel. It's not going to happen. I do forsee, however, Jasper being the first guard off the bench now, and depending on how the team responds, Tubby will have to continue to analyze what team best allows the Cats to win.