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Become an SoB: Register and post ...

Just a quick note as I prepare for the official opening of the 2006-07 basketball campaign. This site is growing by leaps and bounds, and while I do love to hear/read myself talk, I hope to eventually have a lot more interaction and posting from Big Blue Nation.

To that end, I encourage any readers who fly by and have yet to do so to register themselves (REGISTER HERE). It's free, I don't send you anything and for me to give out your personal information would involve me knowing someone who could do anything with it, which I do not. Not to mention, that's not how I roll.

I used to allow Anonymous posts, but thanks to the wonders of a few asshole spammers who wormed deep into the archives (and had me spend an entire Saturday deleting them out), I had to turn that function off. So to have your voice heard, you'll have to pick a screen name and post away.

The season is upon us, and there will, as always, be a lot to talk about. So come along for the ride.