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No Room for the Week

The football team drops a national TV game to an SEC foe. The air has taken on that crisp tinge. Folks are putting their tickets in safe places they can remember all over the Bluegrass.

Yep, sounds like it's time for Midnight Madness to me.

And based on what we've learned thus far, it stands to be a potentially momumental Madness from a recruiting angle. With a list of talented recruits as long as it is smile-inducing, Tubby Smith and his coaching staff are certainly expecting more than a good practice and a night of clapping and cheering. They want some positive mojo in the wake of last season's 22-13 disappointment.

Here's hoping fans are more excited about the festivities and more into being fans than they are into "proving a point." You know what would ruin Kentucky basketball? Booing someone at Midnight Madness. But Wildcats fans are too intensely protective and enthusiastic to do such a thing, aren't they?

We'll see.

As usual Matt Jones and the KSR crew have put together a boffo Monday AM recruiting update. More than worth a listen as the five days pass before festivities.

A few noteworthy non-MM visitors are talking Cats as well, including Marshall Moses (07 or 08 forward), Jeff Brooks (rising 07 KY power forward) and JJ Hickson, who has eliminated both Florida and UK from his potential schools list.

Hickson is a man-child, and I believe he will be a superior college player. Who knows? But as a few have suggested, that does open the door for a Patterson close look at Florida without worrying about time frame.

I personally don't believe that it mattered what Hickson decided, as Patterson was going to see his three schools regardless (Duke is the other). And I still maintain -- entirely on gut judgement -- that Kentucky will prove to be far and away the most exciting suitor. Whether that means anything, only he and his family know.

More updates to come, so stay tuned. Big week in the Big Blue Nation.