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Cats prove tackle-ish again in loss

It's really not that complicated. You cannot win in the SEC -- against anyone -- unless you can stop the other team at least a few times a game.

On Saturday against South Carolina, the Wildcats tested that theory and lost, again.

Credit the Kentucky coaching staff for making some adjustments -- most notably to the team's psyche -- at halftime, as the Cats looked markedly better in the last two quarters. Unfortunately, the changes weren't enough as the Cats' last gasp fell, 24-17.

For the first time this season, quarterback Andre' Woodson struggled. His numbers don't stun you (18-of-31, 289 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT), but much of that came after the Cats trailed 17-0, and once the team had to all but abandon the run game due to time crunch. Of course, it's hard to fault Woodson for the multiple drops by his receivers, nor is it his fault the defense again proved itself lame against the big play -- surrendering a TD on a trick play and several long plays on 3rd and 10+ yards.

But while the game was only 7 points at the final gun, it was a runaway at the 11:30 mark of the second half. Again, all kudos to the team for showing resiliency, but why did they have to be down two touchdowns to motivate?

In any event, UK fans have to be exhausted by moral victories, and what the rest of the country saw was Kentucky losing again on national television. Tell me how that's good for recruiting again? Exposure? I guess.

The bottom line is, as I stated above, quite simple. All the talented offensive players in the Bluegrass won't overcome poor tackling, lack of adequate pressure, a swiss cheese defensive backfield and a terrible defensive coordinator's calls.

What I saw was more of the same. And frankly, it's getting tiresome. Maybe the AD can schedule some more barely Division I teams to gaurantee a bowl game every year without having to actually beat any SEC teams.