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DO OR DIE? Kentucky vs. South Carolina

Kentucky football on national television this season? Not much to show. Unless you call losing not as badly as expected to Florida a showing. I don't, however nice it was not to give up 70 points.

So what will the Cats do with South Carolina (3-2) tonight on ESPN2?

Hard to say. My first, best guess is that the Cats will lose a 42-35-type score-fest to Steve Spurrier's 'Cocks. And that's probably as likely as anything.

But what if the Cats turn a corner? The offense has clicked almost every quarter since the disastrous first 20 minutes against the Cardinals in Louisville. Will it still click against a USC team that hasn't given up more than 20 points in a game this season?

Lots to gain for the Cats, including some national recruiting mojo and respect, not to mention Rich Brooks' job security.

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