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SEC media day: "Kentucky is Kentucky."

A few nuggets:

  • Tubby Smith fielded questions, as did many other members of the conference heirarchy, at the annual SEC media circus in Birmingham. TCP does a typically strong job with their premium coverage (Cats Pause), as the rest of the league tries to keep the media from forgetting that Kentucky can still whup their asses.
  • Recruiting updates at this stage are more rumor than substance, so I won't spend much time until there is some specific Kentucky-related updates, and I also won't scoop premium information that someone else worked hard for (and folks are paying $$ for). So I'll just point fans to the House of Blue if they want to find out some information on the Masta from Alaska, Ramon Harris' potential 2006 plans and what they might mean for the Cats.
  • There is also unverified word that Tubby Smith took some time away from his trip to Birmingham for a sidetrip to nearby Arkansas where James Anderson, UK target and FOJ (Friend of Jai). Anderson is being pushed by his advisor/coach to make a choice between the four schools that have shown Anderson the most love (and, we're assuming, Anderson's advisor/coach by proxy). If you'll recall, Anderson got an earful from Lucas after the Big Blue Madness visit the Lucases made. Another Rivals piece has the skinny on Anderson's Oklahoma State trip from the coach, and a thoroughly misleading title if I ever saw one. In fact, if anything the title should be "Anderson to make one more trip?", but if you have premium Rivals status, read it for yourself.
  • Finally, I wanted to give my two cents on the continuing Jared Carter debate. I find it ridiculous, and predictable, that Kentucky fans are giving up on a kid who grew and developed in the course of two years who has completed exactly one year of college hoops -- a year in which he barely played. Obviously, predictions of Carter making All-SEC teams was silly, as most folks knew at the time. But give the kid time, and the same patience you gave Jamaal Magloire, Nazr Mohammed (remember the JV team days?), Erik Daniels et al. It was surprising to hear The Sporting News' Mike Decourcey agreeing with this basic sentiment. But Carter has coordination Shagari was never going to have, and skill that Woo just doesn't possess. And a fragile as hell ego, apparently. So give the kid room to breathe, focus on what the Cats do have going on and spare yourself the agony of the ups and downs of a developing big man. Just my .02.